Sanitary Procedures at Rope::Burn and ToW Video

I take microbial safety very importantly.

I sanitize all toys that go near your eyes, mouth, genitals, or anus in the following way:

I scrub all Silicone, glass, and stainless steel, soak in 10:1 bleach for at least 10 minutes, then boil for at least 10 minutes.

I clean all other hard materials (latex, vinyl, other plastics) as well as possible with Madacide and cover with a condom if they are not brand new and exclusive to you.

I wash all used cloth and rope in a washing machine with hot water.  At your request, I will boil cloth and rope for 20 minutes as a pre-wash. Gauze bandages are new and sealed at the factory.

If you would like to request that I wear gloves whenever touching sensitive areas, you are welcome to do so.

I clean all toys that contact skin with Madacide. If your skin breaks or chafes easily, you should wipe yourself down with alcohol before the scene (and then put on some moisturizer.)

I am not a doctor nor public health official, but I feel that the above procedures prevent the transmission of all common STD’s as well as staph (including MSRA,) strep, and other common conditions. What is not eliminated is prevented from being infectious. (For instance, it is very hard to kill the Hep C virus, but to transmit it required a good deal of blood-to-blood contact.)

Feel free to review these guidelines with anyone, and amend them for your personal comfort. If you have any specific requests, it’s best to let me know, in writing, 3-4 days before any shoot or live show.

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