Sep 26-30: Private Classes with Saki Kamijoo

August 31, 2015 at 10:00 pm (general)

The talented and gorgeous Saki Kamijoo is returning to the Bay Area for the Folsom St Fair, and I’m excited to say that she will be offering private lessons in my Studio!

Saki is offering private classes while she is in the Bay Area from September 26th to the 30th. (Not available the 27th, Folsom Street Fair day)

Ryan from Wicked Grounds will be helping Saki sort out lessons on her trip around Folsom. Interested parties should contact Ryan for scheduling at

We will take a 50% non-refundable deposit to lock your timeslot. (Payable via PayPal ONLY)

Cost: $130/hr, 2hr minimum (free translation)
Model not included. Let us know if one needs to be arranged.
Location: Bernal Heights (Southwest Mission) neighborhood of San Francisco CA (Unfortunately, this location is not wheelchair accessible, and is shared with two cats. Let us know if you have alternate location arrangements or needs)

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  1. agathawhitaker5497 said,

    What a bummer, James!!! All that hard work too!!!! That’s such a shame! Click

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