Mar 17: Intermediate & Brushup classes in SF

March 3, 2013 at 9:46 pm (general)

I’m teaching two classes at my studio in Bernal Heights om Mar 17:

At 2PM a 2-hr Intermediate class: “Chest/Arm Harness: Technique and Technology” focusing on a 3-rope chest and arm harness (Takata-kote or 3TK fpr short) that is extremely sturdy and great for suspension.

Feel like you’re not ready quite yet for an intermediate class? At 12:30PM, I’ll be teaching a “brush-up” class, that will get you ready for the main class.

* We ask that couples include one top (tie-er) and one bottom (tie-ee) and do not switch during the class.

* Tops should have attended at least one of my classes in the last two years, or attend the brushup class at 12:30.

* Rope will be provided

* Bottoms need to be able to fold their arms behind their back in a “box” position, with forearms flat against each-other.

* Bottoms should wear tight, non-restrictive clothing or be comfortable being naked.

Spots are very limited!

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