Feb 3: Japanese Rope Bondage for Lovers in Oakland

January 5, 2013 at 10:00 am (general)

How about a class for Valentine’s Day? OK! Let’s do it at my favorite Bay Area Dungeon, The Looking Glass! When? 2-4PM on Feb. 3. Awesome!

Just in time for Valentines’ Day! Mike West presents an all new class exploring Japanese Rope Bondage as a tool for deep communication with a romantic partner. Students will see the “caressing” style of playing with rope, and discuss ways to makes scenes fluid and romantic. Mike will present a chest harness and a limb tie with a focus on technique rather han technology. This class is great for beginners who have little experience with any rope bondage, as well as experienced riggers who would like to explore the more seductive and sensual side of rope bondage. Presented in a demo/lab format, singles can watch, and couples can tie along.

Mike will bring practice rope, students who wish to bring their own should have 3-5 lengths of natural fiber (no nylon/poly) rope, 7-8m (25-30′) long, and 5-6mm (3/16-1/4″) thick. Participants who wish to be tied should wear flexible and close fitting but unobtrusive clothing, or just get naked. Students will tie on the floor, so Mike suggests a yoga mat or soft fluffy towel.

Buy tickets now:


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