Mar 24 – Class: Partial suspension for complete sadists

February 26, 2012 at 4:17 am (class, general)

If you love rope and you love to hurt people or be hurt, this class is for you. You’ll learn and/or experience tying and hoisting techniques that can be challenging and painful in their own right, and open the door for S&M with other implements.

In this class you will:
• learn my theories on challenging ties
• discuss various ways of installing overhead points at home or on the go
• lean how to properly tie and test a suspension ring to an overhead point
• discuss the advantages of partial suspensions for sadistic ends
• review “hands-on” the foundations of limb tying and chest binding
• learn “hands-on” the complete arm/chest binding
• explore various ways to complete the partial suspension
• see and (time permitting) practice other partial suspensions

Couples only this time, Switching is welcom but not necessary. Those wishing to be tied (including singles) should wear supple yet form fitting clothes. NO JEANS.

Bring a towel or yoga mat and juice or a small snack! Bring 4 lengths of 25′-30′ hemp or jute rope, or use our loaner rope. Please do not bring cotton or synthetic fiber rope


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