Sep. 26 – Wild in the Streets (Folsom St Fair)

September 21, 2010 at 1:00 am (general)

My plan for the day is below, but things are bound (ha!) to change at any moment. Want to get the latest updates on where I’ll be tying via SMS? Text “FOLLOW MIKE_WEST” to 40404 to get my Twitter updates sent right to your phone. You do not need to be a registered Twitter user, it works for everyone who can send shortcodes. (When the fair is over, text “LEAVE MIKE_WEST” to 40404 to stop the SMSes.)

But for now, here’s my evil itinerary:

11:30A – 12:30P My friends from JTs Stockroom and Stormy Leather have invited me over to hang out. I’ll be in their booth or very close to it. Where’s that you ask? They have a great setup on both sides of Folsom between Dore and 10th (a bit closer to 10th). Right between Adult Friend Finder and Stop in to the JT booth, and they should be able to point you to where I am. It’s going to be fun and I might even tie up a boy.
For you GPS geeks, it’s (37.772981, -122.412610)

1:30P – 2:00P I’ll be in front of DaddyO’s (old Schnitzelhaus) 294 9th just a few steps from Folsom. (around the corner from 1246 Folsom) This is the south corner, which should have some nice shade, and is on the GPS at (37.774103, -122.411714)

This is what it looked like last year in that location:

3:00P – ??? If things are still rockin’ I will head up to the old Julie’s Supper Club. Their sign is still up, but sadly, they are closed and it’s now some place called Radius. 1123 Folsom at Langton (near 7th) This end of the fair is usually a little less crazy once the throngs get thick and hard in front of the leather bars closer to 10th. It’s only a few yards from the exit, so it’s easy to make a getaway when you are stick-a-fork-in-me done. (37.776195,-122.408537)

Here’s what we did at that intersection last year:

Look, Here’s a map!

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