Aug 21 – Rope::Burn – Too Cool for School

July 28, 2010 at 1:00 am (general)

See pictures from the photo rehearsal.

Growing up in Northern California, it didn’t seem fair — the whole summer is cold and miserable, just about up until the second week of August. Then it got hot, right as I had to go sit inside a stuffy building all day.

Make the best of some bad memories and Join me at Rope::Burn on August 21. We’ll celebrate two things I do like about the American school system: (1) summer vacation, and (2) creepy janitors.

What is Rope::Burn? A sadomasochistic caberet, where at least two beautiful, fully nude models are brought to climaxes of pleasure and pain just feet in front of you. Let our beautiful waitresses serve you, socialize with friends old and new, and enjoy the soundscapes of our resident DJs.

This video doesn’t exist

This is the only show like it in the USA!

Tickets available now:

Photos from the rehearsal:

Lydia and I

Lydia and I

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