July 5 – Class and Party in the South Bay

June 11, 2009 at 12:03 am (class, general)

Why did I stay away? It’s been so long. I realize this as I slowly travel all the way down the length of the peni……nsula and teach a class at Edges in the South Bay! What’s even better is that they are throwing us a party afterwards!

This is a special 3-Hour class, where we will take plenty of time to cover the fundamentals and build complete chest harnesses and hogties.

We will have loaner rope as well as rope for sale!

The class is from 3-6PM, then you can go off and grab something to eat and come back for an awesome play party from 7:30-11:00.



Note that the class is for those 35 and under and their friends, but if you have been to one of my classes before, contact me and I’ll make sure you can get in.

The Party is for everyone, but you must be an Edges member. Memberships are not sold at the day of the party. Visit  www.edges.biz or email events@edges.biz for more info.

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