April 5 – Intro class in Oakland – SOLD OUT

February 18, 2009 at 1:12 am (class, general)

Sorry, this class is SOLD OUT. Send an email to mikewest72 (*) yahoo (*) com to get on the waitlist, and check out my class at The Citadel on the 21st.

I’m teaching my Intro Class in Oakland, at the beautiful Looking Glass Arts studio! (Exact address given at time of purchase.)

Do you love the look and feel of Japanese rope bondage?

Layers of thin rope pressing into skin, asymmetrical poses, and decorative wrapping? Would you like to be able to recreate your favorite ties from websites and magazines and design your own fabrications?


Lean not only the “how,” but the “why” of great rope bondage. See techniques that enhance your type of play, whether it be sensual, dominant,  playful, sadistic, or any combination thereof.

Learn “hands-on” the basic building blocks that give Japanese bondage it’s distinctive look, and discover why these techniques are so well suited to natural fiber rope.

Learn “hands-on” how to put these basic techniques together to tie an elegant, sexy, and functional hogtie.

This is an introductory class suitable for anyone! Even if you have taken this class before, I guarantee you will come away with a stronger skill set and new ideas. Everyone gets personal instruction, and we will have a TA if necessary.

We welcome singles, couples and small groups. Singles must be willing to both tie and be tied. Those who wish to be tied should wear supple, yet form fitting clothing, or nothing at all. NO JEANS. Feel free to bring an exercise mat or soft, fluffy towel.

I’ll have rope  (processed without animal products) to loan out, and hemp rope for sale. Please do not bring cotton or synthetic fiber rope.

April 5th, 2009

2PM Sharp (Doors at 1:30)
Oakland, CA (Lake Merrit)
Exact address given at time of purchase or email RSVP

$20 per person
$95 admits one plus 3×25 of hemp rope

Space is limited! Buy advance tickets here:


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