Nov 19 – Rope::Burn Talent Search at BaGG

October 29, 2008 at 12:01 am (general)

Spread the word!

Wednesday, Nov 19th, I’ll be down at Bondage-a-Go-Go looking for fresh faces (and other body parts) for Rope::Burn. The winner gets over $400 “in cash and prizes” as they say, $100 on the spot from George, a $300 “contract” for a future Rope::Burn show, and a goodie bag from Stormy Leather. ( What’s really interesting is that I’m not even one of the judges! Shatter and George will join Rope::Burn Feb ’08 star and BaGG go-go dancer Rose and Mistress Lucinda Archer ( to pick the winners.

Come down and see how we do it!

The fine print:

As a contestant, you must be reasonably willing to perform in an upcoming Rope::Burn show. This requires full nudity and some degree of physical torment and/or erotic stimulation. The show and rehearsal may be photographed and videotaped, and all models are required to sign a photo release.

You must be willing and able to be tied the night of the contest. Wear clothing that is tight but not restrictive, or can be removed easily. (Big-ass clunky boots are a problem, unless they are easy to remove.) Heavy eating or drinking before the contest is a bad idea, and we can’t tie you up if you are drunk.

Bondage-a-Go-Go is at the Glas Kat on 4th between Brannan and Bryant.To compete, please be at the club by 11PM, but know that things start late and go late. We might not be done till 1:30AM.

We are looking forward to meeting some new bondage bunnies!

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