Good Gourd!

September 15, 2008 at 10:07 am (general)

That was fun.

Kyhm (c) 2008 PattiB

Kyhm (c) 2008 PattiB

Special thanks to Jerry, Megu!, Megan, and Rain. Now *that* was a skeleton crew. Eek, I need to line more bodies up next time for the doors and walls. Extra, extra thanks to Trainer and Belle for stepping up at the last minute. Of course thanks to CyMike, Makita, and Shatter for making the house rock. Creepiest music ever, and some of the best spontaneous back-and-forth that we’ve had between the stage and the dj booth. Super thanks to the people who just pitched in, Collin, Andrew, Matt, Michael, Jon, and anybody that I missed. Unending love for my beautiful cocktail waitresses, SaraKay and Chai.

Of course, of course Elizabeth and the newcomer Valentina have my complete and total gratitude. It’s not often that I’m jealous of someone else when I’m at one of my events, but damn…

And Khym, and Kristine (not 16, but she looks it.) Such good sports. So beautiful.

Next show is Dec 13, photo preview on Dec 2. Hope to see you there!


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