Aug 14 – Shibari at any Size

May 2, 2008 at 1:35 am (class, general)

Stormy Leather
1158 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA

This class is anchored by two Big Ideas:

1. You don’t need to be tiny to be tied well. Japanese rope bondage techniques work on people of all shapes and sizes!

2. You don’t need to learn “regular” rope bondage before you learn Japanese rope bondage. The basic building blocks of Japanese rope bondage are actually simpler and safer than most “western” bondage techniques!
If you love the look of traditional Japanese bondage and want to tie your partner or be tied yourself than this class is for you. This is a bare basics class where we will teach all background and techniques in a non-judgemental and slow-paced setting. You don’t need to know anything to take this class.

  • Learn the bondage safety basics you need for any type of bondage
  • Behold the advantages of natural fiber rope.
  • Practice (hands on) one basic tie that will get you very far.
  • Discover the power of mechanical advantage.
  • Explore your options when dealing with bottoms larger than yourself (or tops smaller than you.)
  • Get helpful tips for bigger tops.
  • See similar ties adapted for bottoms of various shapes and sizes (volunteers from the audience.)
  • Watch a suspension demo with a large bottom.

Please note: Bottoms in this class can be of any shape, but need to be fit. What’s fit? If you can climb two flights of stairs and balance on one leg for 30 seconds, you should be perfectly able to be tied in this class.

We will be asking for volunteers from the audience, of any gender and size. To be tied as part of the presentation, you must be wearing flexible, form fitting clothing, or nothing at all.

onsale now at
or call 415.626.1672

$20 advance tickets
$25 day of class
(price subject to change)

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