Jul 27 – Rope::Burn Photo Preview

May 2, 2008 at 1:32 am (general)

Come take pictures of a Rope::Burn dress rehearsal!

It’s just like a Rope::Burn nightclub show, except with better lighting, a little more time to nail the shots, and BYOB. The same professional bondage models in challenging ties, spiced liberally with physical torment and sensual reward.


Photos from the last preview after the cut:

To answer those who have asked about the structure of the event:

* Load-in starts at 7PM, most photographers show up at 7:30ish. Please arrive before 7:45.

* Bring a photo id, as everyone will be signing releases and 2257 paperwork, in case you end up in eachothers’ shots.

* Generally, there are two sets with one model each. Our models are always true bondage aficionados, not “fetish” models. However, at least 50% of our models are professional bondage models, with many also working for the various k*nk.com websites. Generally, our models lean towards the “modern” look, many have tasteful piercings and well-done tattoos.

* Each set is approximately 35-55 minutes long. Because this is the rehaersal, we will sometimes stop a scene and re-work a tie, but generally the action is fluid and intense. You can’t give direction, but you are free to move about the room. Basically it’s more like shooting a small rock show at a nightclub than doing a posed session.

* Please pay attention to where the other photographers are in the room, and try to avoid stepping in front of someone else’s shot.

* We ask that you turn off any “red eye reduction” feature on your camera. If you do not know how to do this, please google it before the shoot. If you cannot figure it out, simply shoot without flash.

* Feel free to talk to the other photographers before and between sets, but please be very quiet during the stage time. Please give the models time after the sets to “recover.” If you are interested in talking to the models about other gigs, it’s best to simply give them a business card and let them email you later. Generally our models are not interested in TFP/TFCD shoots.

* Within 14 days of the event, you will get digital copies of the paperwork.

Q. I’m just a bondage fan that likes to take pictures, I don’t even have a serious camera. Can I come? My buddy is a famous fetish photographer who’s name you would recognize. She has a subscription website and has published books. Can she come?

A. Yes and yes! The event is open to all photographers, from point-and-clickers to published professionals.

Q. Can I use the images for a gallery show and coffee-table book? My own paid website?

A. Yes! You are allowed to use the photos for any artistic purposes, and any commercial purpose that are strictly restricted to paid adult viewership, where you retain the copyright.

Q. Can I sell the images to someone else to put on their site?

A. No

Q. Can I use the images to promote my website on stickers that will be up in bars and clubs?

A. Not without contacting the model directly and showing her a mockup. You are not allowed to use the images for promotional purposes that might be seen by the general public without specific consent of the model.

Q. I hear things get pretty freaky at Rope::Burn. Are the rehearsals also “X-Rated?”

A. Most often, yes. We try to practice *everything* that would happen at the “big” show during the rehearsal. Sometimes, however, Aunt Flo is visiting, so Uncle Mike can’t have quite as much fun. (Unless, of course, he’s allowed to use the back door.)

Q. Your bartenders are awesome and your waitresses are hottt. Will there be table/bar service at the photo preview?

A. Most likely not. Feel free to BYOB, but drink in moderation please.

Q. Hey, where are those dirty pictures you promised?


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