July 24 – Cratelab – SOLD OUT – using crates, trunks, boxes, closets, and other confined spaces for erotic play.

May 2, 2008 at 1:30 am (class)

Claustrophilia? Why do so many of us find confined spaces erotic? Why do others find it stimulating to put their partners into confined spaces? In this hands’-on (butts-in?) class participants will be able to use a number of confined spaces including:

Mil-spec plywood crate
Teak chest
Lexan (clear plastic) box
Reinforced Ikea armoire
Kitchen Cupboard

…and more

We’ll explore the connection between confined spaces and other fun activities including sensory deprivation and rope/strap bondage, so bring your blindfolds and your rope.

We’ll also be taking some time to explore the special relationship between age-play and dark confined spaces (and self-exploration.) So bring your vibrator, bring your teddy bear, or bring your vibrating teddy bear!

Since this is the first time I’m teaching a non-rope class, there’s a special low, low rate.

Do your thinking inside the box!

July 24
Private Potrero Hill Location
$20 per person
$10 per person before July 8

Tickets on sale now!


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