Better late than never…

May 1, 2008 at 1:08 pm (general)

…is my immense THANKS to everyone who helped me make this last Rope::Burn a success.

First and foremost huge thanks to Matt and Khym. Each of them pulled multiple duties (I said duties) to make the show swing. Matt openly flouted Murphy’s Law to MC in his cool but hot way, and lead the breakdown. Khyn came early, (came hard,) and stayed late, as setup, backup performer, waitress, comfort girl, and breakdown champ. Hicksmokey was awesome, carrying 12 chairs up the stairs at once and then coming back to work bar.

Big thanks to Rachel for helping open the bar on what was a pretty hard day for her. Violet also did a double shift as makeup artist and super-awesome cocktail waitress. Christin pulled a double shift at the door, and Bobby Love was a charming doorman as well. Nondo watched everyone’s back, and Megan kept us all in lockstep. I think this is the fourth show in a row that started on time, and I think that’s freakin fantastic.

I thought the music was some of the best ever, and I’ve been getting a lot of compliments from the audience to back that up. Shatter and Makita are coinsumate professionals in the booth. Greg did a great job with the lights, and I’m already in love with the video footage that Megu shot.

The audience was *hot,* I mean there was a high level of energy out there. Lots of “groups” out there, looks like word of our little show is spreading into the “Lifestyle” community. …interesting.

Of course, the girls were fantastic! Penelope was cute and emotive, while Kyin was playful and tough. I just wanted to eat them both up so bad it was sometimes hard to focus on the ties. Mmmmmmm.

That completes the second full year of Rope::Burn shows! Thanks to all our old friends and new supporters alike, even the ones who couldn’t make it last weekend. See you on August 9… Hot! Hot! Hot!

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