April 13 – Kinky Flea Market

February 10, 2008 at 4:00 pm (general, performance)

Lady Thorn’s Kinky Flea Market is a 24(!) year tradition in San Francisco.


I’ll be there on April 13, with some of the lovely past and future Rope::Burn models. You will *literally* be able to buy the rope off the model’s back (or stomach, or tuchus, depending on how she’s tied up) and 50% of the sale price goes right into her pocket… when she puts her clothes back on.

I also (finally) have DVDs from all the previous Rope::Burn shows. The video quality varies :p , but the action is hot! Each DVD is one complete set, region free, live sound, and unlike vids from Japan, no blurring of the naughty bits. Most are 35-45 minutes long., with no cuts and no edits (unless the camera-person dropped the camera :x) $20/ea, 3 for $50, 7 for $100.

This is likely the only place you’ll be able to buy these DVDs, aside from other Rope::Burn shows.

Speaking of Rope::Burn, I’ll be selling tickets for cash to the May 10 Rope::Burn, at the internet rate. If you have the special discount code, whisper it to me and get the special rate. Since this show will certainly sell out, this is the best way to get tickets for cash.

And that’s just *me*. There will be dozens of other vendors there, with everything from fetish shoes to how-to books to hand-made whips and floggers. It’s bound to be *packed* so come early. Bring cash, there’s an ATM across the street, but it’s not always working. (There’s also a BofA nearby on Market.)

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