Big in Japan, BaGG in SF

November 17, 2007 at 7:00 pm (general)

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Well, maybe not big, but hey, look, [unnamed model] and I are in S&M Sniper (S&Mスナイパー) — Tokyo’s “Abnormal and Universal SM Magazine” — as part of their feature on Bondage-a-go-go. Table of contents, 2-page spread, and back cover, yo. Also pics of Dan TKB, Kumimonster, and Bob from Norway, as well as Dalia from Kyoto, and the article’s author, Moira Gabriel. Thanks to Moira, and Rik Sanchez for producing the article, Shatter for playing traffic cop, and George for running such an awesome club each and every friggin’ Wednesday.

If you’d like to order a copy of the magazine, it might be available from Amazon Japan, which has a handy English interface: Actually, it seems now to be sold out.

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  1. mikewest said,

    Here’s a loose translation of the text, courtesy of my friend Miyuki, and more than a few glasses of wine.


    Reported by Moira
    Photo by Ric Sanchez

    Left Page:

    Bondage a go go in USA
    World Report Part 2

    Princess Moira had a bondage experience at San Francisco’s monthly [actually, it’s weekly – ed.] fetish event.

    A total of 2500 people join the giant event called Fetish Weekend [in Montreal], but Moira and her party didn’t go home — they went south, and entertained at the monthly [weekly – ed] fetish event in San Francisco, USA called Bondage-a-Go-Go. This event is small at 100 people, it was relaxing atmosphere with no formal dress code.

    We met up with some people with rare bondage technique — the good looking Nawashi Dan, and Bob (who we met earlier at Demonia. [Ref 1.]) Princess Moira will report on that festival, in that place, when she interviews Bob – who she hadn’t seen in quite a long time. [That interview appears later in the magazine – ed.]

    Right Page:

    Bondage-a-Go-Go is a monthly [weekly – ed] event in San Francisco, and is like a social event. Approximately 100 people with most of the people not dressed up, many in casual clothing. There were some enthusiasts at the small play space, and the dance floor has a stage with suspension gear. People were spanking in a relaxed fashion, but looking at those scenes I realized that S&M can only exist with having a perfect partner, the feeling that I also had at ESINEM (Ref.2). There was no showing off or negative attitudes, everyone was facing their partner joyfully, and sharing the space.

    Dalia and Kyoko Uzuki were putting on a bondage show and getting applause. In the playspace there were Sadist Stefan, Nawashi Mike, Dan from the bondage team Two Knotty Boys, and Dutch Nawashi Bob (that we met at Demonia) with his partner Chantal and San Francisco’s ever-popular Kumi. Bob was fortunately visiting the United States with asa (traditional jute/hemp) rope and twisted tenugui (dish towels) for a bondage muzzle — he presented a very Japanese bondage technique.

    Although Sadist Stefan is a big guy, he seemed very gentle yet sophisticated — so impressive that masochistic women were continuously fawning over him.

    I talked to Dan and got a signed copy of his book, “Showing You the Ropes.” This book mainly introduced kazari (decorative) bondage which was inspired by kumihimo (creative weaving and braiding.) It was very interesting. He hosts bondage workshops in San Francisco regularly. I was very interested in his technique – so I was tied by him. He uses 15mm nylon rope. He split the rope to make the kumihimo decorating my body. He made bands around both legs and slid another rope into the bands to hang them from a carabiner, then hung the waist and both legs. Both hands restrained by leather cuffs attached to the waist created the shape of an upside down ebi (shrimp.)

    I experienced that intriguing floating feeling from my body angle changing and swinging. Rather than restraining the body this technique emphasizes how easy and enjoyable it can be to hang – it’s unlike Japan’s strict and rigid way of tying, where they begin with tying both arms. Marks were clearly visible, and Dan smiled at me then said, “This is your gift.”

    The next day I went to the fetish shop “Madam S. Boutique.” I saw some leather bondage toys and corsets, regrettably most of them were too big and I was sad. Most of the rope that they carry is nylon and colored red and blue. Later, Kumi, Dan, Bob and I went to dinner and I asked Bob for an interview.

    Ref.1 “Nuit Demonia,” the annual largest fetish event in France.

    Ref.2 ESINEM, bondage artist in UK. He often shows playful bondage technigque.

    Photo Captions:

    Upper right: Nawashi Mike very smoothly hangs and ties a woman [Elizabeth – ed.]

    Lower right: The author screams because she is so fascinated by Dan’s bondage.

    Lower mid: Bob ties his partner Chantal.

    Lower left: Dan and Moira smile after the show.

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