The Naked and the Bound

November 12, 2007 at 8:47 pm (general)

Firstoff, I have to say, that was the best *looking* audience I have ever seen at a Rope::Burn show. From the gaggle of young bohemians in vintage garb to our own staff, everyone looked amazing. As Fernando Llamas would say, “you know who you are.”

Special thanks to CyMike, who could not even *be* there, and Jay, who was able to stick around in SF long enough to pop in.

Jagged and Sulli were the heroes of the night, turning the room into a pleasant place for the show. Sherry an Megu offered their usual emotional and logistical support, and the show actually got off almost on schedule.

Christin did a great job a door, a post that is deceptively hard. And our security guy, Nando? I have known him since I was 15, and he’s always sharp as a tack.

But the show. Best. Music. Ever. Makita really, really hit the nail on the head, and Shatter just grooved. The timings and choices were perfect, and It really made the show gel. Meg and Lily kept the stage moving, and Matt was the perfect MC once again, charming all the ladies on and off the stage.

Cocktail waitresses? Two of the hottest brunettes in SF, Rocketgirl and Wendy, kept everyone happy. Check back periodically, you might see more of them at Rope::Burn, maybe even dangling from the ceiling someday.

Speaking of dangling, the models were fantastic. Elizabeth and I nailed a tie we’d never quite gotten right, even alone, just like some Disney movie. She’s also a trooper on stage, letting me pretty much get away with whatever humiliation and torture I throw at her. Khym broke everyones’ heart and put them all back together again with one smile. They are the two models I work with the most, and my relationship with each of them is so different, having them both on stage makes for a great show, in my opinion. As I’ve said before, they are bothe better than me, and I am forever straining to keep up.

I didn’t say it before, but this show was for Norman Mailer, a short, Jewish, funny-looking, opinionated asshole obsessed with anal sex and making girls come. Sometimes his act was tight, sometimes he phoned it in, but he never let anyone talk shit about his dog.

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