Best. Rope::Burn. Ever.

April 23, 2007 at 12:31 pm (general, performance)

I am not worthy.

James Mogul. James Fucking Mogul.

Madison Young. Of course she’s got a hot body, but I finally figured out what the secret is. It’s her eyes. I’ve never seen so much longing and lust in one person’s eyes.

Elizabeth, doing things at a level I don’t think has ever been achieved by anyone else in the States.

Khym. So sweet. I am *not* worthy.

Thanks to all of you for sharing my stage.

Very, very special thanks to D. and Daria, our lovely cocktail waitresses. I have never had more fun breaking state laws.

Special thanks to Reach our MC and safety guy.

CyMike, as always, wore many hats and wore them all well. L was great on the lights, and Shatter absofuckilutely rocked. Buttrock for me, grace and humor (yes, humor) for Elizabeth, and pure intensity for the headliners.

Astrea makes this possible, and has my everlasting gratitude. Newcomers Love and Justine dealt with a rather crazy door situation. Jessica brings so much love into a room, just having her around makes everything better. Our other bartender who’s name I always forget….

And Banasidhe! Do not fuck with our doorwoman, she has a college degree in not taking your shit.

Thanks much to Chris. It’s great to have a friend that can do almost anything. Fix a broken pipe? Run a video camera? All with a cool head and a gentle attitude. It’s like if the Dali Lama had an engineering degree and a helicopter license.

Thanks to Megu and Lily for their remote support.

Thanks to Johnny (who was not even there) for keeping the place clean. Free tix to the next show for you, man.

Matt, thanks for proving (again) that sharing is caring. I’m glad you got to relax this time..

* * *

This was the first show that “just clicked” from a logistical perspective, and the first show that hit the nail firmly on the head from a performance perspective. The testing phase is officially over. Stay tuned for Rope::Burn 1.0, July 2007.


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