Thank you for the Southern Hospitality

March 5, 2007 at 2:14 pm (general)

ROPE BURN SOUTH was great! Lots of familiar faces, lots of new faces.

Special thanks to Matt who has to win an award for most supportive models’ boyfriend ever. He arrived dressed to the nines, and I had to put him onstage as the MC. Despite his snappy duds, he still helped set up and break down.

CyMike somehow managed to run the lights and tend bar at the same time. Does he have two extra arms? (Or… what is he using to stir the drinks???)

Astrea did a great job as always prepping the house. Thanks to Terry for lending a hand at crucial moments. Stuart and Lily were great ushers. Having Reach on safety let me give it all an extra 10%, knowing if I knocked myself out he could take over. 🙂

Thanks to Ali and Luke for the stage. Incredible. They built a friggin’ stage. Thanks to Ali for the house, *and* for covering the door. That’s one Ali, three jobs! Bo9b braved 101 *5* times, and managed to run the camera, too. Ant earned his nickname scurrying to set the lights and run camera B.

L coming thru on the PA made the show possible, and Shatter rocked it to the limit.

Our new friend Stephanie did a fantastic job *running* the show. Wow, what a difference having experienced pros makes!

And… of course… Elizabeth was spectacular and Khym was fantastic. I really can’t stress how good both these models are, well above *my* level. I am hugely humbled and honored to share a stage with them.

Thanks to Megu and Lilly who could not make it but supported the show in their own ways. And thanks to Phoenix for just showing up and looking hot!

But, most of all, thanks to everyone who came, and enjoyed the show!

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