Jan 7: Introduction to Japanese Bondage class in the East Bay (Hella rad, dude!)

November 14, 2006 at 1:12 am (class, general)

This class is now sold out! Email me if you’d like to get on the standby list.

I’m teaching my introductory class in the EAST bay, at a brand new location near Lake Merritt. I hope that this is a more convenient location for at least some of you, and not too much of a schlep for anyone else who might want to make it.

Sunday, January 7th
If you’ve already taken this class once before, I can guarenee that you will get something more out of it a second time.

RSVP to mikewest72@yahoo.com
Do you love the look and feel of Japanese rope bondage? Layers of thin rope pressing into skin, asymmetrical poses, and decorative wrapping? Would you like to be able to recreate your favorite ties from websites and magazines and design your own fabrications?

  • Learn “hands-on” the basic building blocks that give Japanese bondage it’s distinctive look, and discover why these techniques are so well suited to natural fiber rope.
  • Learn “hands-on” how to put these basic techniques together to tie an elegant, sexy, and functional hogtie.
  • Watch the instructor use the same basic components to tie a subject in a complex tie. (Demonstration only.)

This is an intermediate level class intended for those who already posses basic bondage safety knowledge. We welcome singles, couples and small groups. Singles must be willing to both tie and be tied.

The host will provide 6mm hemp rope (processed without animal products.) Please do not bring cotton or synthetic fiber rope.

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  1. mikewest said,

    Frequently asked questions about this class:

    Q. I don’t know many knots, can I still take your class?
    A. Yes! I now teach all the knots you need for the class, and guess what? There are only two!

    Q. No, really, I’ve never done any rope bondage at all. Shouldn’t I read a knot book first?
    A. No! Most of the knots in scouting, camping, or sailing guides are totally unnecessary for Japanese-style rope bondage. If you want your sub to feel like a boat, learn some sailing knots. If you want your sub to feel like a helpless victim of a perverted sadist, take my class.

    Q. I’m totally new to bondage as a top, and I’ve never done any restraining of a real person before. Can I take your class?
    A. Yes, but between now and my class, you should read a book on basic bondage safety, scene negotiation, safewords, and simple bondage do-s and don’t-s. I reccomend Jay Wiseman’s SM 101 ( froogle.google.com/froogle )

    Q. I bought a book on Shibari, but I’m having a hard time getting started. Am I just too thick?
    A. Maybe, but probably not. Some people (myself included) just have a hard time getting started.The goal of this class is to get you to the point where you can start learning from books, and deconstructing ties you might see other places, and safely try them yourself.

    Q. I took this class from you already, and I’ve been practicing. Should I take it again?
    A. Yes, everyone who has taken my class a second time has told me they were happy that they did. The class size is small, and I work individually with each student. Once you “get” the ties, I will help you tie them faster, tighter, and with more gusto!

    Q. I don’t have any rope. What should I get at the hardware store?
    A. Nothing! I will provide rope for everyone in the class. If you want rope to take home, I sell 25′ lengths for $25.

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